Dry Fix Redesigned for Pitched Roof Construction

Despite massive advances in flat roofing technology, leading to greater reliability and a longer lifespan, flat roof structures are becoming increasingly unpopular with insurers and Building Control alike. For example, Homes with primarily flat roofs are now considered a ‘special risk’ and one that many insurers will not offer a policy on.

Local Building Control departments up and down the country are becoming more stringent about flat roof waterproofing, with many now insisting that the work is only undertaken by professional contractors. As such you would need to be fully trained in the proposed waterproofing system and approved by the system’s manufacturer to be sure of obtaining your Completion Certificate. Realistically, this puts flat roofs out of reach of the diligent DIYer or self-builder. And, given that the Dry Fix ethos is to provide a product you can build yourself, in its entirety, clearly the flat roof element had to go.

Ballasted EPDM Flat Roofing

Despite technological advances making flat roofs more reliable and easier to install, 'red tape' puts them off limits to the self-builder

In stark constrast to flat roofs, Building Control, warranty providers and home insurers seem to have little concern for the perfomance of pitched roofs. Indeed, on our last new build house project, the warranty provider/ Building Control Officer (the same company was providing both functions) didn’t even get on the scaffold to inspect the slate pitched roof; for the flat roof we were required to provide specific details of the waterproofing solution, the installer, their certification from the manufacturer and proof of an insurance-backed warranty!

To ensure the Dry Fix extension system remains the best solution for self-builders, it has been redesigned to incorporate a ‘secret’ pitched roof hidden behind concealed gutters (which also double as the fascia and soffit). The result is still crisp, clean and contemporary, but no longer contentious. And, you get the same simple construction and well-thought-through detailing as with the rest of the Dry Fix system. The result is a roofing solution you can build yourself and be confident in its performance, but also its acceptance by all interested parties.

Dry Fix self build brochure